30 May, 2011

Fixing ProGuard config for Android projects

This is a brief tutorial on code obfuscation for Android apps using ProGuard tool supplied with Android SDK. I had a bug related with this and solved it, so I would like to tell people about it.

Update - bug fix

It appeared that the start message hasn't been showing at all, not just after Restart button. Should be fixed by now
Also please comment to the bug report thread if you find something or if you would like make a suggestion. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

29 May, 2011

RELEASE! 1.0.5

Update 1.0.5 changes:

- Start message not displayed when level is restarted/replayed
- More Games button in Options menu linked to the Android market
- Code obfuscation fixed
- Bug fix: wall collision sound when disc has no velocity
- Bug fix: disc control after been teleported
- Other level-scripting related bugfixes

22 May, 2011

Discanoid update obfuscating obfuscation :(

1.0.3 update didn't work because of ProGuard code obfuscation.
I totally do not understand why it worked on my device and nowhere else.

Sorry about that :(

In I removed the obfuscation, so it should work fine now.

Discanoid Update 1.0.3b: Guest Mode

- Fixed achievements display for older droids (2.1 or less).
- Added features: guest mode, move to SD.
- Level 6 renamed and simplified.
- Removed 4 boring achievements.
- Under the hood: minor bugfixes, major refactoring, full-version forward compatibility and code obfuscation.
- Content rating: low maturity

What is guest mode?
All records, achievements and unlocks earned in the guest mode will be reverted when the mode is off again. It is useful if your friend wants to play the game, and you do not want him or her to mess up with your progress. Guest mode will be automatically switched off when game exits or can be switched on/off from the options menu.


Yeah! Now I am cool. Check this out:


PS: There's a missing post about update 1.0.2 - blogger was down when I published it. However, the list of changes is quite minimal:
- Achievements!
- Internally, more gears and levers to maintain achievements, triggers and events.

08 May, 2011

Discanoid update 1.0.1b

What's new:

- Fixed multiple screen support: better look on mdpi screens, fullscreen mode on xlarge screens.
- Toss physics improved, now it is more responsive to fast flings. Other physical parameters have been adjusted to keep the game difficulty at the same level.
- Added gradually increasing difficulty in the arcade mode.
- Sensor levels are marked as such in the level list and show a special mark on the disc base.
- Back key returns from options and level selection menus.
- Added fly-in notifications, such as "difficulty up" and "secret unlocked". Will be used for achievements too.
- Added drum sound on level start and difficulty increase.
- Click sound removed from Stage 3.

05 May, 2011

Discanoid: bug reports and suggestions

This post is here in case if someone wants to report a bug or make a suggestion.
When reporting a bug, especially if something serious, please include your Android version (can be found in Settings / About phone) and device model.

Discanoid beta is now online

Discanoid Demo at Android Market

Discanoid is a variation of a toss game with a puzzle element. It includes cool features like doors, boosters, portals, changing gravity and more.

Use the touchscreen to toss the disc in the desired direction. Remember that you can manipulate the disc only within the blue areas of the map. If the disc is out of reach, you can press Back key to return it to the original position. This does not reset your progress, so feel free to use it as often as you like.
Some maps use accelerometer sensor, so you have to balance your handset to control the gravity vector.

The game has two modes:
- MISSIONS are the series of maps where you must hit a certain number of targets to complete the stage;
- in ARCADE mode your task is to hit as many targets as you can before you lose or reset the disc. Arcade maps can be unlocked while doing the missions.

Good luck.

* This is BETA version *
Achievements are not yet implemented...
Recommended settings: Android 2.2 or higher, 800x480 screen.