05 May, 2011

Discanoid beta is now online

Discanoid Demo at Android Market

Discanoid is a variation of a toss game with a puzzle element. It includes cool features like doors, boosters, portals, changing gravity and more.

Use the touchscreen to toss the disc in the desired direction. Remember that you can manipulate the disc only within the blue areas of the map. If the disc is out of reach, you can press Back key to return it to the original position. This does not reset your progress, so feel free to use it as often as you like.
Some maps use accelerometer sensor, so you have to balance your handset to control the gravity vector.

The game has two modes:
- MISSIONS are the series of maps where you must hit a certain number of targets to complete the stage;
- in ARCADE mode your task is to hit as many targets as you can before you lose or reset the disc. Arcade maps can be unlocked while doing the missions.

Good luck.

* This is BETA version *
Achievements are not yet implemented...
Recommended settings: Android 2.2 or higher, 800x480 screen.